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We offer a complete restoration service through our very well known partner Knoll Motorsport OHG ensuring we comply with all of your countries import and road regulations to the highest possible standard.

Following Germanys regulations for vehicles that are 30 years or older and the registration requirements under the ‘H’ number plate system, we can offer the opportunity to improve the performance and lifetime of your car allowing you to enjoy your car for longer.

We take into consideration every aspect of the cars make up, for example cars from the USA require adjustments to be made to the mileometer as they record the information differently to us. We often find Porsche in the USA are equipped with chrome rims or fitted with the big ugly rear rubber bumpers disturbing the real “Porsche purist” feelings. We really see no benefit in having a Whale Tail and it certainly doesn’t add to the beauty of the car. When it comes to matching the interior with the exterior colour it is clear that the US customers don’t have the same taste as the Europeans. During the restoration stage we can take care of all of these requirements.

However the very deep purist says if the Certificate of Authenticity states the colours this is how it should be, this is personal choice and of course down to the owner.
Our motto is

“Back to the original, as good as new or better“,
whatever your requirements are we can fulfil them.

At a glance:
• All chassis restoration work completed using a Celette car bench
• Qualified technicians offer sanding, ice blasting, zinc-coating anodizing, powder coating, polishing and chroming
• Maintenance and overhaul of all undercarriage, springs, suspension, engine and gearboxes with all components including rebuild and tuning
• All jobs in upholstery and glazing
• Rebuild of historic sports- and racing vehicles
• Service- and maintenance
• Professional retrofit of existing air-conditioning systems
• TUV + AU
• Vehicle evaluation and CLASSIC-DATA valuation
• Old-timer leasing
• Accident corrective maintenance